The Vow

February 20, 2012
By Dinar Banfield

Hunky dory Channing Tatum and my favourite young actress, Rachel McAdams were the leading actors in this film, the trailer was moving and I was hugely excited for the release of this film.

On Saturday (18th Feb), my boyfriend and I had planned to go and see the film with a friend. We normally go and see films either at our local ‘ODEON’ or go to Leicester Square to watch it at one of the cinemas there. This weekend we were a bit rushed for time and decided to go to the ‘Cineworld’ in Wood Green, reason being it was close and we hadn’t been there before.

When we arrived I think we were tempted to turn around and hop on the tube to go somewhere else, it was absolutely packed. Some would even say chaotic! The queues were leading out of the door, but we decided to soldier on and wait for tickets as we were already there.

Eventually we were let into the screen , which frankly was a mess. The film hadn’t even started yet and there were empty bottles in all the cup holders, popcorn all over the floor and a funny smell lingering in the air. Let’s just say we weren’t going there again.

After the 4000 trailers and adverts had finished the film began to screen. I had my tissues at the ready and make-up in my bag ready for a top-up after the film because I had predicted that I would weep like a baby. Much to my surprise it just did not happen.

I was really let down by this film; I had expected it to be so amazing because the story line seemed so interesting and upsetting, God only knows I love a good tear jerking film every now and again. This however just wasn’t hitting the rights notes. There were points in the film that I thought had the potential to turn on the water works but they left me high and dry, with a pack of unused tissues in my hand.

Rachel McAdams is my favourite young actress and I thought she would be perfect for this role, but I didn’t feel as emotionally invested in her as I did in ‘The Notebook’. Maybe it’s because Channing Tatum didn’t really support her as the lead actress, though I did feel more emotionally connected to him in this film. I strongly felt like this film should have started and ended at different times, they should have given us more time at the beginning of the film to see them as a couple so that we as the audience were more passionate about the pair as a unit. I won’t be horrible and reveal the ending, however I will say that I was so angry when it ended like it did. There was not a wet eye in the house, nope, nada.

This film had tremendous potential, but I think that Rachel McAdams set such a high standard in ‘The Notebook’ that all of her other performances would just never cut it. On the other hand I was pleasantly surprised by Channing Tatum, his acting seemed more genuine and he gave a better performance than expected. I may watch this film again to see if my views change the second time round, but I highly doubt it.

Overall I rate this film 5/10. It had the makings of a brilliant film, but in my opinion it just wasn’t executed to its full potential.

If you have seen this film and think differently, please comment below and let me know what you thought of it. It would be interested to see your opinion.

Love Dinar xx

The beautiful Rachel McAdams


Hunky and handsome Channing Tatum

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