Bed Head - 'Party Girl' gift set

On my trip back to Worcestershire for Easter break I was lucky enough to visit my Auntie Kate and my new little baby cousin that I hadn’t yet met. Unfortunately my other little cousin Josh was at school so wasn’t around, but at least I got to see one of my two cousins. I had popped into a little local store that sold cute bits and bobs and picked up …Continue Reading

Bright yellow conditioning mask

After my recent skincare kick, I decided it was time to do something about my mane. As my friends and my boyfriend know, I am obsessed with my hair and when I say obsessed I mean it to the highest degree. For starters I have completely virgin hair, for those that don’t know what that means; it refers to hair that is completely unprocessed. Having virgin hair was never a …Continue Reading

TRESemmé – Split Remedy, split mend intense recovery masque


Hope you are well friendlings; if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you will know I have completed my first year of university and I am on break for summer! I am job hunting like crazy because I plan to stay in London for the duration of my break, well, that’s the plan anyway!

For the meantime I am keeping myself occupied with blog reading, brand searching and product testing. …Continue Reading

Paddle Brush & Detangling Comb

If you read my previous post (hint, hint), then you will know I have been trying to find good products that will keep my hair nourished and healthy. Just like make-up brushes, the tools are as important as the products you use. My hairbrushes have really been on their way out for a long time, but I have just never remembered to pick up a new one.

This week, Adam’s little …Continue Reading

Meet Dinar...

Dinar Banfield
I love reading blogs and watching my favourite beauty gurus on YouTube, I spend most of my days doing it, and I thought I would try my hand at it.

So welcome to my blog and remember to watch this space.


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