Capital FM Summertime Ball

June 10, 2012
By Dinar Banfield


Have you had a lovely Saturday, because I know I have! If any of you follow me on Facebook or Twitter then you might know that I went to the Capital FM Summertime Ball yesterday and my oh my did I have an amazing day!

The line-up was amazing, so I knew I had to go to this concert; I booked the tickets via the Vodafone early tickets process, so basically if Vodafone is your network provider then you are able to purchase some concert tickets 72-hours before they go on general sale. So yes, we bought them a few months back and the concert date was yesterday.

Getting to Wembley wasn’t as troublesome as I initially thought it was going to be, it only took about 45 minutes and got us there right on time. As we came out of Wembley Park station, we could see the stadium and there were literally thousands of people scattered around. It was crazy!

Queuing up and getting into the stadium seemed to go past relatively quickly, the stage was massive and there where hundreds and thousands of people everywhere. Adam and I got there just before the doors opened so we were able to make it quite close to the front of the ‘pitch standing’ section. I had to tip-toe a lot, because I’m a short ass, but the huge screens allowed me to see a lot of what I wouldn’t be able to anyway.

All the artists were AMAZING! The entire line-up sang live bar one person, can anybody guess who? Yes, Miss Cheryl Cole, now, I have nothing against her and I actually think he song is quite catchy. But it has got to be embarrassing to be the only one miming in a line-up of amazing artists that sang live?

I could literally write tonnes about this day, but I will limit myself to a couple of words. Ed Sheeran, Usher & Jessie J were my favourite performers. They were incredibly entertaining and really made their performance magical (as cheesy as that sounds).

If you didn’t get to go to the concert in person, there will be plenty of videos on the Capital FM website and YouTube etc, so I am sure you will get to see it all. The pictures I took aren’t the best quality because they were taken on my iPhone plus the fact that I was quite far away didn’t help. Enjoy anyway . . .

Have a peaceful day, Dinar xx





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